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Xentris Eva Universal Pouch with Belt Clip
SHBKMINIR wholesale
Xentris Eva Universal Pouch with Belt Clip
Sale Price: $0.99

Detailed Description

Xentris Eva Universal Pouch with Belt Clip:
* Firm EVA Foam finish, very smooth
* Elastic sides put your phone safely in place
* Rotating belt clip


Huawei: M318, M328

Kyocera: Candid KX16

LG: 420g, Aloha AX140 / AX145 / UX145 /, AX355 / UX355, CU400, VX1000 MIGO, VX3400 / UX210, VX3450, VX4600, VX5300 / AX245 / UX245, VX6000, VX8300

Motorola: V300 / V330, V323 / V325, V365, V400, V500 / V525 / V505, W315, W760R

Nokia: 2605 Mirage, 2705 Shade, 6061 (6061i), 6126 / 6131 / 6133, 6165i, 6350 Snapper, 7205 Intrigue, 7510 Supernova

Pantech: PN-300

PCD / UTStarcom: CDM120 / CDM7025, CDM8945 / PN230

Samsung: A117, A127, A167, A237, Axle R311, Byline R310, C416 / C417, Heat A303, M500, MyShot R430, R300, Siren A870, Snap U340, Stripe T329, Sync A707, T219, T229, T339, U410, U520, U540

Sanyo: SCP-7000, SCP-8400

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