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Wilson Electronics 460102
Wilson Mobile 3G 460102
Wilson 460102 Mobile 3G cell phone signal booster complete kit
Sale Price: $298.99

Detailed Description

Wilson Electronics Mobile 3G cell phone signal booster

Wilson 460102 Mobile 3G is the replacement for the Wilson 801212/ 801201 mobile booster. Wilson 460102 meets all the new 2014 FCC regulations for use in United States. Wilson Mobile 3G is designed to boost 2G and 3G cell signals for both voice and data in a moving vehicle. Stay connected farther away from cell towers with a stronger cell signal. Easy Installation, so no tools required. Boosts voice and 3G data for all major North American Carriers. Comes in a complete package, including all necessary components. U.S.A. based sales, technical support, and customer service included with purchase.

Using the Mobile 3G booster would be a beneficial because strong Wilson 460102 Mobile 3G reception power increases your cellular coverage area by allowing you to travel farther away from cell towers. The combination of the bi-directional amplifier and the external rooftop antenna greatly enhances cell signal strength. As a business person, staying connected on the road or in remote areas may be critical: Relators, contractors, field service personnel, along with fire, police, and emergency personnel can all benefit from operating and staying connected greater distances from cell towers.

Even in populated urban areas there are poor signal shadowed areas that create dropped-call situations. On a regular daily basis, just eliminating dropped calls and "can you hear me now?" is a huge advantage in your daily communications with friends, family and business associates. The Wilson Mobile 3G cell signal booster is a dual-band 800/1900MHz booster. Most major U.S. carriers 3G and 3G cell signals use these two frequencies including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, etc. Mobile cell signal boosters are designed to be operated inside of a vehicle. The broadcast distance of the interior antenna is usually around 2-3 feet depending upon the strength of the outside signal. In extremely weak signal areas the broadcast distance be less and require to place your cell phone closer to the interior antenna.

Wilson 460102 Kit contents include: Wilson Mobile 3G Booster, Wilson 12 inch exterior Magnet mount antenna, Wilson interior low profile broadcast antenna, Vehicle Power Supply, and Installation Guide. UPC: 811815021834

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