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Wilson Electronics 460108
Wilson 460108 Mobile 4g 5-Band Wireless Booster Kit w/ Magnet Antenna
Wilson 460108 Mobile 4g 5-Band Wireless Booster Kit with Magnet Mount Car or Truck Antenna
Sale Price: $399.99

Detailed Description

Wilson Electronics - Wilson 460108 Mobile 4g 5-Band Wireless Booster Kit w/ Magnet Antenna

With the new Wilson 460108 Mobile 4G, you'll get better voice calls and broadband speed data for faster streaming and browsing while in transit, no matter what your carrier.The Wilson 460108 Mobile 4G will have a 50db amplifier with automatic gain control, a magnetic mount outside antenna, low profile interior antenna, and vehicle DC power adapater. Installation is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes. It improves your cell phone and data card performance on the road, in your home or at the office! You can improve performance of your cell phone and data card anywhere you need a stronger signal with this Wilson SignalBooster Mobile Professional Deluxe Kit.It can increase your cell phones performance by up to 2 times.

● Ideal for laptop data cards, can be powered by a USB port

● Includes a Two-year Manufacturer Warranty from Date of Purchase

● Amplifies signals to and from the cell site

● The microprocessor controlled circuitry ensures reliable operation within regulatory standards

● Amplifier features built-in antenna

● UPC: 811815021933 

This repeater kit is best for users who need to provide in-vehicle amplified cellular signal to 2 to 3 mobile modems or cellphones in close proximity to the included "candy bar" antenna.

Approx. coverage area : 3 to 10 feet (For example: The front seat area of a vehicle)

An all-in-one kit, it is compatible and supports 700mhz/ 800mhz/ 1700mhz/ 1900mhz/ 2100mhz networks (which includes most 2G, 3G, and 4G providers in USA).

Supported carriers/networks include:

• Verizon 2G/3G/4G/AWS

• Sprint 2G/3G/4G LTE (NOT WiMAX)

• AT&T 2G/3G/4G/LTE

• US Cellular 2G/3G/4G

• Datajack and Virgin Mobile 3G

• T-Mobile 3G/4G

• MetroPCS 3G/4G

• Does NOT work with WiMAX (Sprint/CLEAR 4G) or Nextel/I-Den.

Wilson Electronics Mobile 4G cell phone signal booster improves coverage including 4G, 3G, and 2G data downloads for subscribers of all U.S. cellular networks (except Clearwire). By also boosting all major carriers’ legacy voice and data services, the Mobile 4G provides the user a strong, reliable signal, even where 4G services are unavailable. All cellular devices connect to the system wirelessly, and the Mobile 4G supports multiple simultaneous connections. The Mobile 4G helps users stay connected around town and on the open road by detecting available cellular signal, amplifying it, and delivering the amplified signal inside your vehicle. You will enjoy extended calling range, clearer voice reception and longer battery life.

The outside antenna picks up the cellular signal and sends it to the amplifier. The signal is then boosted and sent out through the low-profile interior antenna, which rebroadcasts the boosted signal. All of your modems/phones within range of the inside antenna can benefit from the boosted signal wirelessly.

Features & Benefits:

• Stronger cell signal indoors

•Fewer dropped calls & lost connections

• Faster data downloads

• Clearer voice calls

• Longer battery life for cellular devices

• FCC certified to 2014 technical specs

• Boosts voice & data signal – including 4G – for all U.S. cell carriers (except Clearwire)

• All needed components included in package

• DIY installation

Package Includes:

• Amplifier
• DC power supply (AC power supply available separately)
• Interior low profile ("candy bar") antenna
• 4" mini magnetic mount exterior antenna
• 971119 FME/Male to SMA/Male adapter (allows you to use an antenna whose cable is terminated in FME/Female in place of the included magnetic mount antenna if desired)


• Part Number: 460108
• Frequency Range:
BAND 17: 700 MHz
BAND 13: 700 MHZ
BAND 5: 850 MHz
BAND 4: 1700 MHz
BAND 2Z: 1900 MHz
• Max Gain: 50 dB
• Power Requirements: 5V, 2.5A
• Impedance: 50ohms
• Connectors: SMA-Female
• Dimensions: 6.12" x 3.84" x 7.87" (amplifier)
• Weight: 2.357 lb (amplifier)

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