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Wilson Electronics 473120
weBoost Eqo Cell Phone Signal Booster
weBoost EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster is specifically designed for use in homes to increase signals for all cell phone brands up to 1,200 square feet. Its sleek design fits on any flat surface. Installation is a simple plug that takes less than a minute.
Sale Price: $349.99

Detailed Description

weBoost EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster

weBoost EQO Signal Booster is specifically designed for use in homes to increase signals for all cell phone brands up to 1,200 square feet. It’s sleek design fits on any flat surface. Installation is a simple plug that takes less than a minute. Most importantly, it requires no external antenna and can boost signals through walls and windows. The Weboost EQO can increase signals for 2G voice, 3G voice and data, as well as 4G LTE voice and data. It’s simple design, superior performance, and elegant style make it perfect for today’s consumer or small business owner. The booster works by capturing signals from cell phone carriers and amplifying them by up to 32 times. Sold in a complete kit, the WeBoost EQO comes with the amplifier, antenna, coax cable, power supply, and instructions. It has been third party tested to ensure product quality. Plus, there are no monthly charges and no wireless internet needed.
  • The EQO cell phone signal boost system can amplify signals for up to 1,200 square feet, if the signal outside is strong.
  • You'll get less coverage when the signal is weak.
  • You don't need an outdoor antenna to use the booster.
  • Once you’ve opened your kit, place its antenna top of a smooth, flat surface.
  • The system works on a plug-and-play basis: plug in the power supply, and it will start working in seconds.
  • The booster provides you with up to 70 dB Gain. Decibels (dB) are used to quantify how strong signals are. Ideally, an excellent signal (when the bars on your cell phone screen are maxed out) is about 50 dB, while a dead zone (where there’s no signal at all) has about -110 dB. The dB Gain is an indicator of how much you can improve your cell signal.
  • The EQO is a fully loaded cell phone signal booster kit. It is specialized for use in smaller places with one or two rooms, including condos, apartments and homes. The booster is compatible with many devices—including 3G, 4G and LTE smartphones and 2G voice phones—as long as these are positioned close by. The kit is sold with every accessory you’ll need to successfully boost the signal in your home or office.

These are the system specs. Take a look at them if you're considering purchasing an EQO:

  • Inside Coverage Area*
      • 1,200 square feet, if the signal outside is strong
      • 750 square feet, if the signal outside is medium-strength
      • 100 square feet, if the signal outside is weak
    • *The coverage of booster (which is designed for use in housing with one or two rooms) can be affected by many factors—including your carrier’s signal, your windows and walls, and furniture placement—so you might find that the signal will be boosted in a larger or smaller area than what we’ve estimated. That's why it's impossible for us to know the precise area in which the EQO will boost the signal.

Detailed Description of weBoost Eqo Signal Booster

It's a small problem, but it's incredibly annoying: there you are, sitting at home, when you decide to call an old friend. You pick up your cell phone, dial the number, and hit “call”—only to find that the reception is so bad you need to step outside. In fact, it's pretty common for people to have trouble getting wireless service even in their own homes, since walls and windows act as barriers to cell phone signals trying to pass through them. But now, a new product—the weBoost EQO Signal Booster Kit (model numbers: 473020, 460032, U473020 and 473120)—allows you to boost reception inside your house. The booster works with every phone and every service provider. It allows you to amplify your signal in no time at all, even if you don't have an exterior antenna. You won't even need to leave your house.

The weBoost EQO (/'ekō/) (pronounced “Eco” or “Echo,” whichever you like) can be used with all service providers. It boosts your signal in areas measuring up to 1,200 square feet. The signal is up to 32 times stronger than what’s offered other companies’ boosters, so you won't have to worry about slow data transfers, poor reception, or missed calls anymore. 

Yes, the EQO is stylish and efficient, but it's also the first plug-and-play booster not constrained by the need to be attached to an exterior antenna. This is much more convenient for you, as a user—whether you're just an ordinary citizen relaxing at home, or whether you're a small business owner who needs a constant connection to respond to clients.

With its simple, easy-to-install design and fast setup (it takes less than a minute to connect you to your provider), the EQO is an ideal tool for both home and office. 

Improve Your Signal by 3200%

The EQO strengthens cell phone signals—both for phone calls and data usage—by up to 3200%. Its coverage spreads over spaces measuring up to 1,200 square feet, and it’s compatible with phones running on LTE, 3G, 4G, and 2G technology. 

How Does Wilson's weBoost EQO Booster Work?

The EQO is easy to install, but it's also very effective. In order for it to work, the system undergoes 3 steps.

1. The booster catches signals coming from service providers as they pass through the windows and walls of your house.

2. Next, the EQO boosts the signal by as much as 3200%.

3. The interior antenna (included in the kit) amplifies the signal over an area of 1,200 square feet, so that you get the best reception possible throughout your home.

Advantages of the EQO System

The EQO is the best solution for boosting cell reception inside your house. Here are the reasons why:

- It offers a stronger boost than every other cell phone signal amplifier. It increases signal strength 32 times, both for voice calls and data usage.

- Putting the EQO together takes less than a minute. In other words, you can have the booster working in less time that it takes you to brush your teeth. 

- The EQO is compatible with all service providers. You can use the system with any carrier: Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell, Telus.... The list goes on. If you choose to purchase an EQO, your reception will improve immensely—regardless of which carrier you're with.

- With the EQO, many people can be simultaneously connected. Even if you, your spouse, and both of your kids are using cell phones and tablet computers at the same time (and with different service providers), the EQO will still ensure that you benefit from the best possible reception.

- There are no additional fees. Once you buy the EQO, that's it. You never need to pay again, whether for service or for hidden fees.

- The EQO has a wide-ranging signal: it extends over an area measuring up to 1,200 square feet. This is enough to provide apartments, condos, and many homes with fast, crystal-clear reception.

- You don't need to be connected to the Internet to use the EQO. You can use the device even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection.

- Third-party testing has shown that the EQO is very efficient. It's so reliable that first responders even use it during their shifts. 

- The booster kit includes everything you'll need to get started. The coax cable, power supply, antenna and amplifier are all sold in one bundle, which also includes full instructions.

You don't need to worry about bad cell reception or slow wireless connections anymore. Get the best reception, from the comfort of your own home, with the weBoost EQO Signal Booster Kit. It takes less than a minute to set up the booster, which is compatible with every phone and every service provider, and start reaping the benefits of amazing cell phone reception. 

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