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Ruckus Wireless 901-2825-US01
Ruckus 2825 (5) Port 802.11 b/g Router
Sale Price: $159.00

Detailed Description

The Ruckus MediaFlex NG is the first-of-its-kind wireless system that reliably distributes multimedia content over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi to every corner of the home. The Ruckus MediaFlex NG combines innovative, patent-pending smart antenna and traffic management technologies to break down the barriers that have prevented a single Wi-Fi network from simultaneously supporting voice and data in the home. Unlike any Wi-Fi system on the market, the Ruckus MediaFlex NG constantly monitors the wireless environment, steering RF signals around interference and prioritizing different traffic types for transmission over the air. With the Ruckus MediaFlex system, consumers now have complete freedom and flexibility to distribute and enjoy multimedia content anywhere in their homes - all without wires.

Ruckus MediaFlex NG Capabilities

·         Provides standards-compliant 802.11 wireless connectivity for Ethernet-equipment

·         Extends 802.11b/g range and coverage by up to 300 percent, maximizes throughput and minimizes interference

·         Full routing functionality with DHCP client and server functionalities

·         Remote management: SNMP, SSH, and HTTP

·         Antenna control software routes signals farther and bypasses intererence

·         Smart antenna system with six antennas and 63 unique antenna patterns ensure optimum signal paths and high data rates throughout a typical 2,500-3,000 square foot home

·         Virtual access point supports multiple SSIDs

·         Provides dependable Voice and Data


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