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Motorola V170C Car Charger
Motorola V170C Car Charger
Sale Price: $4.25

Detailed Description

Motorola V170C Car Charger

This aftermarket battery charger car plug is equivalent to Motorola SYN9324/ 98453. Rapid battery charger quickly charges a 1200 mAh extended life battery, from empty to full, in less than 2 hours! Rapid battery charger quickly charges a 600 mAh standard battery from empty to full in less than 1 hour! Smart Motorola IC chip will recognize a full battery and automatically switch to a battery saver, powering the cell phone directly. Regulated Car charger plug never overcharges the battery. LED colored charging indicator & Short circuit protection. Strain relief and durable coil cord make this CLA cord last and last. Just remove the protective cover from the bottom of your cell phone and plug in the cigarette lighter adapter cord. Place opposite end of car plug into your car cigarette lighter receptacle/ jack. Plug any Cigarette lighter adapter battery charger plug into the optional 12 Volt DC Power Supply (part UNIDC) for versatile home charging from 110-120 Volt AC current


Motorola C139/ C155/ V150/ C168i/ V151/ V170 / V171 / V173/ V176/ C257/ C261 Battery Charger Car Plug/ cord equivalent to Motorola SYN9324/ 98453 12-14 Volt DC Rapid Car Charger/ Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter, for Motorola C139/ C155/ C168i/ V150/ V151/ V170 / V171 / V173/ V176/ C257/ C261 cell phone models.

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