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"The Wilson Sleek noticeably improves your cell phone signal in areas with poor reception. Also, it has a compact, user-friendly design... The Wilson Sleek is easy to use and performs well."

- Kent German, CNET

"No matter what carrier you’re on, you’ve likely encountered a cell phone dead zone. This is especially a burden while on the road if you’re lost in a rural area and have no way of calling for directions or accessing your GPS. Luckily, there’s a solution: The Wilson Sleek all-in-one cell phone signal booster. This handy gadget resembles a hands-free car cradle, but offers extended calling range and signal strength for your phone."

- Ginny Mies, PC World

"The Sleek is a cell phone signal booster designed for in-car use. Everything you need is included in the $129 kit; the universal cradle combo (amplifier/charger), car charger, and magnetic antenna…If you live in an area with low signal strength or have an iPhone on AT&T then you may want to consider one of these."

- Matthew Miller, ZDNET

"Wilson Electronics’ Sleek is a horse of a different color. Our good pals over at Gadling were able to test out the Sleek after catching it at CES, and amazingly enough, they found that it worked exactly as advertised."

- Darren Murph, engadget

"The Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster from Wilson Electronics debuted last month at the Consumer Electronics Show. I took a brief look at it then, but recently received a review unit. Unlike a similar model I tried last year, this new version is less expensive, smaller and works with a wide range of phones and carriers. Overall, I’m impressed with this $129 amplifier solution. Folks that travel in and out of coverage areas should definitely consider the Sleek due to its universal nature, multi-band frequency support and smaller size."

- Kevin Tofel,

"Wireless signal boosters may not be sexy, but apparently they can be sleek. Today Wilson Electronics debuted their "Sleek" signal booster, which could solve your AT&T/iPhone reception problems - at least if you’re in your car."

- Sascha Segan, PC Magazine

"It’s cool to see gadgets like the Sleek from Wilson Electronics, which offers an easy way to boost your signal strength and potentially not have dropped calls in dead zones. The $129 device mounts in your car or at your house (you can also use this in your office if you have bad signals at work), and you just slide in your cell phone to get the additional strength."

- Keith Shaw, NetworkWorld

"Simply put, the Sleek works. And it works well. It can (and did) increase a cell phone’s received and transmitted signals by 10 to 20 times. That can mean the difference between a mediocre signal and a very strong signal, which means fewer dropped calls. Or if a phone shows no signal, the Sleek may be able to provide enough of a boost to actually make calls."

- John Gordon, Practical Travel Gear