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Belkin F8Z441-P
Belkin F8Z441-P Tunebase FM transmitter with handsfree
TuneBase FM lets you listen to music from your iPhone or iPod in your car while simultaneously charging it. Its ClearScan feature automatically searches for the clearest FM frequency.
Sale Price: $72.95
UPC: 722868787434

Detailed Description

Belkin F8Z441-P Tunebase FM transmitter with handsfree

TuneBase FM Transmitter with handsfree allows your to listen to your iPod or iPhone while simultaneously charging it. Features push-button call pickup and speakerphone, ClearScan technology, and transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1MHz107.9MHz . Made for iPod and Works with iPhone certified.



Talk Hands-Free and Listen to Your Playlist Through Your FM Radio—Without Missing A Beat

Listen to your iPod or iPhone music and talk hands-free through your car stereo system. TuneBase FM connects through your FM radio receiver, with no special installation or wiring, so you get stereo sound for your playlist and your calls.

TuneBase FM transmits your music and calls over the strongest FM frequency available. ClearScan technology lets you find the clearest signal at the push of a button. Adjust your stereo to the station, and TuneBase FM does the rest. The easy-to-read display lets you see which station you’re using.

Make and receive calls with the push of a button. If your iPhone is playing music when a call comes in, the music automatically fades out. You’ll hear the caller’s voice on speakerphone loud and clear through your car’s stereo speakers.

Swivel It
The innovative cradle holds your device securely while you drive and swivels horizontally for easy viewing of your device's GPS features, like turn-by-turn directions. It also makes it easier for passengers to watch videos.

The cradle charger draws power from your lighter outlet to keep your device fully charged.

A Perfect Fit
The unique cradle easily adjusts to fit most iPods and iPhones—even with a case on.

Move Your Music from Car to Car

Take your favorite music with you. Since TuneBase FM doesn't require permanent connections, it's easy to swap between vehicles.

Arrive Fully Charged
TuneBase FM charges through your car's 12-volt lighter outlet, so you can listen or talk without interruption—even on the longest road trip. An additional USB port even allows you to charge a second device while you drive.

ClearScan technology automatically finds the strongest signal on your FM receiver.


  • Connects through your car’s FM receiver with no special wiring or installation
  • ClearScan technology automatically finds the strongest FM station for the best music transmission
  • Swiveling cradle, for horizontal iPhone positioning and easy GPS viewing
  • Cradle is adjustable to fit most iPods and iPhones, even with a case on
  • Charges through car’s 12-volt lighter outlet
  • Additional USB port allows you to charge a second device while you drive.

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